Drugs & Alcohol Training

Are you concerned about drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace?

We do Learning & Development can help by supplying you with the necessary equipment and/or training in drug and alcohol testing to make sure your employees are operating safely and professionally at all times.

If you’re a business that wants ensure safety and operate a drug and alcohol management plan, having a number of key personnel trained is cost effective. This gives you convenience and control, saving you time and money compared with having to call out a dedicated testing company.

Why choose We do Learning & Development to guide you on drugs and alcohol in the workplace?

  • We shall ensure the company has an up to date drug and alcohol policy that is effectively implemented. In addition, key employees who undergo training will have access to ongoing advice and guidance.
  • Training covers in-situ breath testing, saliva samples for indicator tests on all main drug types and how to obtain accurate saliva samples for laboratory analysis in cases of a positive indicator test.
  • This training will ensure any testing is evidentially sound in the event of a decision to take disciplinary action.
  • Our training is fully accredited to UKAS and ISO standards.
  • At a basic level, we can also provide a drug and alcohol awareness course to identify potential misuse, the methods of using and the support network available to help the employee.

To find out more about courses or further information, call us today to discuss your options.

  • It was only through a recent staffing issue that I realised the true importance of having a professional HR service available to my company. And although you have made me aware of the benefits of We Do HR through our many meetings together and at the BNI, I never really considered that it would happen to me.

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