Small Business Support

Are you struggling to cope with the basics when it comes to managing your employees?

When asked about HR, do you roll your eyes and launch into a passionate speech about the entanglement of red tape and how difficult it is to employ good people?

Making sense of employment law is what we do every day. Whatever your human resource challenges, we have a cost-effective solution that allows you to get on with running your business, knowing your HR needs are taken care of.

  • Do you find dealing with the legislation and regulations of employment law just too hard?
  • Do you feel unsure of exactly what you should or should not be doing to safeguard you, your employees and your business?

Rest assured, if you’re a small company struggling to balance all of your responsibilities, we CAN help. We are experts in providing comprehensive support for businesses to ensure legal compliance and effective management of any employee issues. Our passion is to help you overcome any daunting obstacles you may face and allow you to focus on driving your business success.

Whether you need a complete employment review, on-site support, require an employee handbook or update of company policies, We do HR can assist. If you just need some guidance on how to deal with a lesser concern, then we’ll be happy to listen to that too.  We will understand your issues and do whatever it takes to help you overcome them.

Our HR experts also provide inclusive unlimited telephone and e-mail support to guide you through your concerns. We genuinely care about your business, so we’ll take all the time necessary to make sure you get the results you need.

If you’re a small business with any uncertainties at all, contact us today and we look forward to resolving your problems and allowing your business to thrive.

  • It was only through a recent staffing issue that I realised the true importance of having a professional HR service available to my company. And although you have made me aware of the benefits of We Do HR through our many meetings together and at the BNI, I never really considered that it would happen to me.

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