Disciplinary & Grievance

Do you find it easier to tolerate employee issues than to deal with them?

We understand how important the right advice at the right time can truly be. Whether you have a problem in the workplace that may require disciplinary action, or a grievance has been raised by another employee, We do HR is here to help you.


Making the decision to commence disciplinary action against one of your employees can be a challenging process to go through. The emotions of both you and your employees can influence how effective the outcome is.  Getting it wrong can be extremely costly, yet getting it right can successfully reengage the employee and benefit the business. We are here to help by making the process smooth, professional and stress-free.


From time to time, employees have grumbles and concerns which they may need to raise with you.  Often emotions are involved and dealing with such complaints professionally and patiently is not always easy. However, doing so in the right way will encourage a positive solution and return harmony to the workplace.

We do HR understands how employees interact with each other to make up a good business, meaning our experts can approach conflicts impartially and without any emotional baggage. Each situation we deal with is unique, and we firmly believe everyone should be able to confide in someone and have their issues dealt with empathetically.

Our team of experts have years of experience and will take the time to understand your individual issues and by finding you the desired solution, this gives you the peace of mind you really need, regardless of how big or small the issue may be.

We genuinely understand that every business is different and our experience across all industry sectors means you can trust us to care for your company, giving you the crucial advice.

We provide unlimited telephone and e-mail support, so no problem will ever remain unsolved. If you have any questions about disciplinary and grievance issues, call us.

  • It was only through a recent staffing issue that I realised the true importance of having a professional HR service available to my company. And although you have made me aware of the benefits of We Do HR through our many meetings together and at the BNI, I never really considered that it would happen to me.

    Marshalls Commercial Finance