Additional Services

Do you feel like there are too many processes and legislative procedures to understand and implement that your time is taken away from your core business?

Many events can impact your business and lead to either growth or a reduction in the size of your workforce, restructuring or upskilling of your workforce. These procedures can take time through planning, consultation, evaluation and implementation. It requires objectivity and resource which you may not have within your existing business.

We do HR are here to provide this expertise and support you need to help you recruit employees, rearrange or, unfortunately, reduce your number of employees.

On a small or large scale, We do HR often supports businesses with:

  • Resignation
  • Redundancies
  • TUPE
  • Capability procedures
  • Training & upskilling of employees
  • Mediation

Our flexible approach to the services that we can offer, means we CAN meet the needs of your business at any time through advice and guidance, ad-hoc projects or full integration of your HR function.

  • It was only through a recent staffing issue that I realised the true importance of having a professional HR service available to my company. And although you have made me aware of the benefits of We Do HR through our many meetings together and at the BNI, I never really considered that it would happen to me.

    Marshalls Commercial Finance