Up in Smoke? Changes to Welding Fume Control Measures

Following the International Agency for Research on Cancer recent findings on mild steel welding fumes, a major shakeup has occurred globally for welding and fabrication shops, but ...

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Payslips – Regulation changes to displaying hourly rates

New legislation with regards to payslips came into force this month.

From 6th April 2019, every worker within the company has the right to an itemised pay statement, not just full-time emplo...

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Are you out of REACH? Avoiding the dangers of violating regulations

A director has been jailed for violating the REACH Regulation created to assess the production and use of chemicals and their impact to humans and the environment.

Founder a...

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I can’t get into work due to the weather, do I still get paid?

With the severe “Beast from the east” and Storm Emma that has caused ‘utter chaos’, this question  has cropped up quite a few times from our clients this week. Fundamentally, the employer ...

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