How to Effectively Work From Home


During the current lockdown, if it is reasonable and possible for employees to work from home then you should allow them to do so. Use these top tips to effectively work from home:

Create Your Workspace What do you usually need at work on a day to day basis? Make sure you have all those things set up at home! Laptop, monitor, notebook, pens! If your home allows you to have a separate office that you can close the door on at night all the better.

Meal Time Prepare your meals before work just as you used to pre lockdown. This way you avoid the temptation of cooking or going to the supermarket during your lunch break.

Get Dressed for Work As tempting as it is to stay in your pyjamas, people are usually more productive and establish a better work life balance when they follow their ‘get ready for work’ routine.

Stay in Contact With Colleagues Maintaining relationships with your colleagues is essential . Make time to go beyond just communicating about tasks and deadlines by checking in with them to see how they are doing.

Establish Boundaries It can be very tempting to continue to work through the night but it is really important to put boundaries in place. Set a start time, finish time and plan in a couple of breaks during the day.

Stay Active You can get to the end of the week and realise you’ve not actually left the house! It’s more important than ever to make sure you are moving your body and getting plenty of exercise. A great tip is to go for a walk around the block before and after work to mimic your morning and evening commute.


Alice Rogers, We do HR